What's Blooming in May?

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The plantings around the tortoise and hare are in bud and will be flowering soon.

False Indigo blooms in the butterfly gardens

Blue iris is found in the bird feeding area behind the Center

Coreopsis is blooming in the glade and in the fields along Gregory Boulevard

One of the several varieties of coreopsis (seed tick) planted at Lakeside Nature Center

Ninebark is the tall shrub growing in front of the Center

Ninebark blossoms fade to a rosy pink.

Wild parsnip flowering in the butterfly border.

Penstemon is also called beard-tongue.

White clumps of penstemon dot the glade alongside the Center

Colonists used baptisia as a cheap substitute for indigo

The stream behind Lakeside Nature Center. The tall plants are yellow flag.

Southern blue flags will grow and flourish in very damp conditions.

Waterfall behind the Nature Center

Stand of wild parsnip

All Photographs by Debby Barker, FOLNC volunteer.