What's Blooming in June?

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Coreopsis species. Aren't the colors gorgeous? They're found at the edge of the field along the road into the center.

Blue-eyed grass. Look for this in the area behind the Center.

Monarda is starting to bloom in the gardens along the wall in front of the center.

Daisies are blooming throughout the Center's gardens.

These daisies are in the butterfly garden in front of the Center.

The field to the west of the center is golden with native wildflowers.

The predominant color of the large fields surrounding the center is glorious, sunlit yellow.

Look for black-eyed susans, coreopsis, and grey-headed coneflowers in the big fields.

Grey-headed coneflower is prominent in all the gardens.

Heliopsis is another of the yellow flowers of June in Missouri.

Upright prairie coneflower varies from yellow to orange to red. It's a great plant for gardens as well.

Butterfly milkweed beside the statue of the tortoise and the hare.

Common milkweed in the butterfly garden.

Close-up of common milkweed.

Purple poppy-mallow curvives draught splendidly.

Purple coneflower -- first of the season.

Queen Ann's lace forms a nest as it goes to seed.

Queen Ann's lace at the entrance to the Fox Hollow trail.

The gardens behind the center are so luxurient that the stream is almost hidden.

This thistle is a dangerously invasive plant. Volunteers at the center make a point of grubbing it out whenever they find it.

Purple vervain can be found blooming behind the center in the natural garden.

White clover along the edges of the big fields is irresistable to bunnies.

Wild parsnip blooms for another few weeks along the wall in front of the Center.

All Photographs by Debby Barker, FOLNC volunteer.