What's Blooming in June?

The fields in front of the center are a glorious swath of gold; Black-eyed Susan and Coreopsis predominate, but you will find heliopsis, yellow coneflower and grey-headed coneflower.  There's even thistle and clover.

The butterfly gardens are filled with delightful blooms; common milkweed, purple milkweed, daisies of various sizes, and monarda.

The beds along the wall glow with wild parsnip, daisies of various types and sizes, monarda and butterfly milkweed

The wild garden behind the center is green and flourishing -- the stream is visible from inside the Center, but it's almost hidden in the exuberant growth.  You will still find gems like purple poppy-mallow, blue-eyed grass, upright prairie coneflower and blue Vervain.

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