What's Blooming in August?

The Butterfly Gardens are filled with False Sunflower.  Against the wall, Poke Weed displays clusters of purple berries.  In the back you will see a few Summer Phlox plants and in the front of the border Blazing Star, Obedient Plant and Common Milkweed make their appearances.

The Savannah boasts Queen Ann's Lace, Purple Coneflower, Feverfew and native grasses.

The roadside plantings are never watered, so they are showing some stress.  Most of the Coreopsis and Black Eyed Susans have gone to seed but the plants are healthy.

The bird-feeding area behind the Center glories in Queen Ann's Lace, Common Milkweed and Butterfly Milkweed.  Native grasses border the bubbling stream.

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