What is Magic Woods?

Magic Woods is an educational and fun activity presented by Friends of Lakeside Nature Center (FOLNC).  This year’s event will be staged on October 11th and October 12th.  You are all invited to take a walk on the wild side with Mother Nature and her friends.

You join a group of ten other visitors to visit Mother Nature at the start of the walk; she sprinkles you with magic dust – for the length of the trail, everyone will understand what the animals are saying.  Volunteer guides, who are equipped with flashlights to ensure safety for all, conduct the groups along the trail.

Luminaries and torches illuminate the hiking trail at Lakeside Nature Center.  The animals (volunteers in costume) are stationed along the path.  Extra illumination is provided at each performance site.  As a group approaches, the animals tell their stories.

Once your group has completed the walk, you are invited into Lakeside Nature Center (LNC) to view the exhibits, see animal interpretations by naturalists (both LNC staff and FOLNC volunteers) and complete craft projects.

Come to the pavilion to have popcorn and lemonade (or cocoa if it's cold).  Children can sit and color the Magic Woods coloring book.

Updated 10/2/12