Project FeederWatch

These are the birds you're likely to see at the Nature Center in January.  The most common native birds spotted were northern cardinals (over 50 at one time) and American Goldfinches.

American Goldfinch Photo
American Kestrel Photo
American Robin Photo
Black-capped Chickadee Photo
Blue Jay Photo
Brown-headed Cowbird Photo
Cooper's Hawk Photo
Dark-eyed Junco Photo
Downy Woodpecker Photo
European Starling Photo
Fox Sparrow Photo
House Finch Photo
House Sparrow Photo
Mallard Photo
Mourning Dove Photo
Northern Cardinal Photo
Red-bellied Woodpecker Photo
Red-winged Blackbird Photo
Song Sparrow Photo
Tufted Titmouse Photo
White-breasted Nuthatch Photo
White-throated Sparrow Photo
Wild Turkey Photo

You can find out who's at the feeder all year long at the Nature Center by clicking here.