Project FeederWatch
February Sightings

The most common native birds spotted were American goldfinches, Northern Cardinals and dark-eyed juncos.  We've seen as many as eleven wild turkeys at one time.

American Goldfinch Photo
Black-capped Chickadee Photo
Blue Jay Photo
Carolina Wren Photo
Cooper's Hawk Photo
Dark-eyed Junco Photo
Downy Woodpecker Photo
European Starling Photo
House Finch Photo
House Sparrow Photo
Hairy Woodpecker Photo
Mourning Dove Photo
Northern Cardinal Photo
Red-bellied Woodpecker Photo
Red-winged Blackbird Photo
Tufted Titmouse Photo
White-breasted Nuthatch Photo
White-throated Sparrow Photo
Wild Turkey Photo

You can find out who's at the feeder all year long at the Nature Center by clicking here.