Project FeederWatch
December Expected Sightings

Project Feeder Watch resumed in November.  You can be a part -- let staff members know which birds you see when you visit the center. 

Photos of the birds seen at the feeders are displayed in the library.  Look for them on the top shelves of the bookcases.

The winter-feeder birds are arriving -- the first Red-bellied Woodpecker has already dropped in and the Carolina Wrens have returned.

American Goldfinch Photo
Blue Jay Photo
Brown-headed Cowbird Photo
Carolina Wren Photo
Cooper's Hawk Photo
Dark-eyed Junco Photo
House Finch Photo
House Sparrow Photo
Mourning Dove Photo
Northern Cardinal Photo
Red-bellied Woodpecker Photo
Sharp-shinned Hawk Photo
Tufted Titmouse Photo
White-breasted Nuthatch Photo
White-throated Sparrow Photo

You can find out who's at the feeder all year long at the Nature Center by clicking here.