American Kestrel

(Falco sparverius)

Arrived at Lakeside Nature Center on October 6, 2002.

This female kestrel was found on the ground in Gladstone, Missouri.  Her dislocated left shoulder was bandaged.  After several weeks, the bandage was removed, but she did not recover full mobility in her wing and could not be released.  She had acclimated to people and became a perfect candidate for Lakeside Nature Center education programs.  Permission was received from U.S. Fish and Wildlife to make her a permanent resident of the Center.

Natural History Notes.

  • Kestrels can hover high in the air and use their excellent eyesight to spot prey.  They like to hunt over large, open fields.

  • Female kestrels have a brown streaked chest.  They also have banded or striped tail feathers and wings which lack the blue-gray color of the males.

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