Holiday Golden Eagle successfully Released

On Thanksgiving morning, an injured eagle arrived at the Center.  He was found NW of Carmack, Missouri - about 20 miles or so from the Iowa border -- by a Missouri Department of Conservation agent.  The eagle was brought to Countryside Veterinary Clinic in St Joe to wait till John and I could pick him up.  The preliminary report stated that it was an immature bald eagle.  Once the bird arrived at the center, the staff identified it as a golden – the tell-tale sign was the feathered legs!

After recuperating at the center and stretching his wings in a flight pen on the hill, the bird was pronounced ready to go.  The release was scheduled for Christmas Day and went very well.

John and I felt very blessed to be able to release this gorgeous bird.  We drove to northern Missouri so he could continue his migratory route from Canada.  Before his injury, he had probably dipped into north-central Missouri and was headed west to winter in the Rockies or the Sierras.

He flew up in the trees you can see in the photos - and spent about 4 minutes stretching his wings way out, and preening, and then he flew off (soaring very well.).  That was our "thank you" - to see him soar well.

The only thing that would have made it more perfect would be if the Lakeside Nature Center staff naturalists & Dr. Exline could have been there to see the release - they all put so much work and care into the eagle.  I'd like to thank them personally for all of their dedicated work with him (and with every animal they come in contact with.)

(Story and pictures by Kris Harmer, FOLNC Volunteer)

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