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Gray Foxes Spend Summer with Lakeside Volunteer
Gray foxes learn the ropes in time for fall release  (added 9/21/07)
Six Skunk Babies on their Own
After a harrowing start, babies roam paradise      (added 9/21/07)
Four Squirrels Run Free
Squirrel kits learn to survive on their own.            (added 05/21/07)
White Pelican Continues his Migration.
After spending a month in rehab, an American White Pelican is released and continues his flight to the Gulf         (added 02/22/07)

Bobcats are on their own
Three bobcat babies grow up and are released to make their own ways in the woods                                             (added 02/19/07)
Badger baby grows up and is released into the wild.
A summer spent with a rehabilitator teaches Bucky how to live on his own.                                                           (added 11/20/06)
Canada Goose Cleaned of Oil and Released in a Safer Area
After a month of baths, goose released.              (added 02/21/06)
Red-Tailed Hawk's Only Injury to Foot
Lucky hawk recovers and returns home.               (added 02/21/06)
Barn Owlets Released into a Barn
After spending time at Lakeside, Barn Owlets are released on farmland.                                                         (added 02/21/06)
Raccoons Find New Home
Three litters of raccoons nurtured and released on Missouri Department of Conservation land.                       (added 02/21/06)
Confiscated Coyote Pups Back in the Wild

Coyote pups kept as pets are taught to be wild and released into safety.                                                             (added 02/21/06)
Snapping Turtle Tale.
A clutch of snapping turtles brought to safety       (added  02/06/06)
Holiday Golden Eagle Released

Golden Eagle arrived at Lakeside Nature Center on Thanksgiving and resumed his migration on Christmas Day.      (added 01/30/06)

Bald Eagle Flies Free
Team from Friends of Lakeside Nature Center releases rehabilitated Bald Eagle back to the wild.           (added 01/12/06)
Great-Horned Owlet Rescue
Great-Horned Owlet returned to nest and parents are feeding it again.                                                            (added 04/26/05)
13-Lined Ground Squirrel Returns Home
Bud, the 13-lined ground squirrel, returns to Lake City Ammunition Plant after wintering with FOLNC volunteer           (added 04/26/05)