Skunk Babies on their Own

The first 3 came into the center, only about 2 days old and all boys.  A neighbor found two kits after they crawled out of a tunnel that had been filled with concrete.  The third was found by a dog and had internal injuries.  It was touch and go for the first week.  With round-the-clock feedings, all three began to thrive.  Then came the call about 3 more.  A dead skunk lay in the woods and three babies were beside her.  Covered in mud and ice-cold, the three girls were about five days old.  Before long, all 6 where able to live together and become one happy family.

The man who save the single male offered his property as a release site for the first three.  When the three became six, I was relieved that the offer was still open.  It was a wonderful site; 25 acres with fruit and nut trees that had been planted for the wildlife.  All vegetation was left growing for wildlife and a spring fed creek ran all year long.  Saying good-bye was easy, even after all the time and worry involved.  They where in the best place and back in the wild, free where they belonged.  The kits (no longer babies) followed me around as I showed them their new home.  After a while, they where so busy digging up grubs under a dead log they didn't care when I waved good bye and walked the long walk back to the truck with the biggest smile on my face.  Those sleepless nights where totally worth this.....

 Photo and story by FOLNC Volunteer, Deb Hilbrun