Lakeside Nature Center coordinates conservation activities and works with partners on habitat restoration and waterway management.

Project Blue River Rescue In 1990 our Missouri Stream Team #175 adopted 7 miles of the Blue River from 63rd Street South to Bannister. But we didn’t stop there. For years, we have continued our cleanup all the way along the Blue River to Martin City. Each year in April, nearly 500 volunteers gather to clean debris from the banks of the Blue and to plant sapling trees to help stop erosion.

You can join in the fun on the first weekend of April each year.  Call (816) 513-8960 after the first of the year to register or email us at

Kansas City WildLands is a group of partners dedicated to conserving and restoring natural habitats. Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation manages four parks where restoration efforts have made tremendous strides in preserving these unique places. They include Jerry Smith Park Prairie Restoration, Rocky Point Limestone Glade in Swope Park, Hidden Valley Park Natural Area, and Cliff Drive Natural Area. Visit for more information.

Natural Landscaping at Lakeside Nature Center – several of the areas around the Center are landscaped with native wildflowers and grasses. A butterfly garden and prairie grasses and wildflowers greet the visitors as they approach the building. Along the trail behind the Center, the savanna landscape borders the oak/hickory woodland, and the water garden helps attract birds and other wildlife. Contact us if you’d like to help us maintain these beautiful areas. Learn about planting for wildlife in your yard by visiting Missouri Department of Conservation’s Grow Native website.

Check out some suggestions for building your own backyard habitat.

(Updated: 9/13/12)