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Bumble Bee These fuzzy bees are champion pollinators and make their nests underground.

Blister Beetle These beetles secrete a chemical cocktail strong enough to blister your skin.

Pill Bug.  We take Tums now, but these guys were medicine to our forefathers.

Praying Mantis.  These voracious insects prowl your garden like a T-Rex!

Regal Fritillary.  These gorgeous butterflies flit over the prairies and feed on butterflies.

White Cabbage Butterfly.  These migrants from Europe have settled in Missouri and, yes, they do love cabbage.

Wood Cockroach These bugs won't breed in your house, but they can live nine days without a head.

Surprise in the Woods.  Winter butterflies don't eat nectar; check out a gorgeous dung beetles wandering the floor of the forest.

Wheels aren't Just for Cars.  You can identify the nymphs of Wheel Bugs -- they have bright red thoraxes.

Updated 08/11/11 

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