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MO Bugs
Life and Times of Missouri Insects

When we think of insects we typically think of creepy crawling 6-legged creatures out of our nightmares. Thanks to the many horror films produced in the past 50 years, "Bugs" have gotten a bad rap. Well, I am here to set the record straight..."Bugs' are just plain COOL! After all, where else in the animal kingdom can a creature survive 9 days without a head?  Or breed and live totally in petroleum? 

The vast numbers of insects is mind boggling, many estimate that they out number us 9 to 1. There are approximately 1,000,000 insect species and more being discovered all the time. Beetles alone number roughly 300,000 species. WOW! a third of all insects are beetles. Every square inch of our backyards has some form of insect. Not to mention the ones that have taken up residence on our bodies! I can hear you all now...EWE!!!  Possibly, but even these microscopic insects serve their purpose.

All articles and photos are by FOLNC Volunteer Shelley Cox.

Pill Bug We take Tums now, but these guys were medicine to our forefathers.

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Updated 08/11/11


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