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A Simpler World of Recycled Bird Feeders!

If you eat, live in a house, have a tool box (nothing fancy), and maybe $10.00 in your pocket, or your piggy bank, you are ready to go. And remember, these feeders are cheap as dirt to make, so no big deal if you have to make another one.


The simplest feeder is a suet feeder made from a log and metal bottle caps.  Simply nail the caps to the log, add a screw eye to the top, run wire through the screw eye and it's ready to hand.  Put suet or a mix of peanut butter in the bottle caps and the birds will have a feast.



Chickadee Feeder


1 mayo jar

1’ wire

canning lid  (without center)

1 dryer vent clamp


Thistle Seed Feeder

1 or 2 liter plastic soda bottle
3 or 4, 3/16” wide, 5” long wooden dowels (or straight sticks will do)
A single-edged razor blade or X-acto knife
8” of wire or monofilament line
1 metal eye screw
hand drill and small bit

Tin Can Feeder


1 piece of 1 x 8 (about 3/4” x 7 1/4”) or 16” board or 3/4”  x 8” x 16”   exterior plywood
1 piece 1/4” x  1/4” x 16”
1 piece 1/4” x 1 3/8” x 33” lattice
1 fruit juice can about 4 1/4” x 7”
42” #16, 17, or 18 wire
3/4” wire nails





(Plans for Bird Feeders from Nature's Window, the quarterly publication of Friends of Lakeside Nature Center)

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