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Wish List

Some items are always on our wish list.  Other things on our wish list are 'one-of-a-kind" -- if you'd like to donate, please call (816-513-8960) or e-mail us first.

Did you ever wonder what your donation provides?
$5.00 provides worms for a Robin for a single day
$25.00 feeds a squirrel for a month.
$50.00 supplies bird seed for our outside feeders for two weeks.
using PayPal.

Items the Center can always use:
Wicker laundry baskets (various sizes for mock bird nests)
Thick mesh bags -- laundry bags or hunting decoy bags
        (for waterfowl slings)
Daisy mats
Unsalted peanuts (in the shell)
Canned or dry cat food (unopened bags only)
Canned or dry dog food (unopened bags)
Puppy or kitten chow (unopened packages)
Applesauce (unsweetened)
Black oil sunflower seeds
Suet blocks for our feeders
Wild bird seed
Unsalted peanuts
Baby blankets or fleece material (bedding for babies)
Heating pads
UV light bulbs (check with us on size)

One of a kind (please check with us first)
Lithium batteries (CR2032 3 V)
Cotton batting
Chest Freezer
Electric space heaters
Microwave oven
Power strips
Automatic timers
10 gallon aquariums with lids
Pumps for fish tanks
Pet taxis

Updated 06/29/13

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