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Flight Pens Dedicated

The premier rehabilitation flight pens constructed with the support of FOLNC were officially dedicated at Earth Day on April 18th.  Birds of prey that were treated in the LNC hospital and saved for re-release back into nature now have a large safe pen to stretch their wings and regain their strength before being released.  FOLNC committed nearly $60,000 for this very important project.  Generous citizens have donated to these pens for over two years, and we are extremely proud of this facility knowing eagles, hawks, owls, and other native birds of prey can be returned to their environment when healthy.  More pens need to be built to house our educational birds of prey that are used in educational programs at Lakeside.

Larry O'Donnell and Bill Hoelzel made the official presentation with a small group of donors in attendance.  Many people have worked diligently and generously to complete this flight pen.  We are very grateful to them all! 

Let the Wild Be Free  is our motto, and we continue to work towards fulfilling this important mission.  Donations continue to be welcome and are tax deductible!

Larry O'Donnell, finance chairman for FOLNC, speaks at the dedication

Bill Hoelzel and Wally Good, both long-time FOLNC volunteers

Joyce Rosson (FOLNC volunteer), Forest Decker and Bill Fessler of KC Parks & Rec

Don Arney of Tamm Lumber, who provided most of the materials, with FOLNC volunteers Cheri Wright and Marion Kelley

Entering the flight pens

Interior of one of the pens where recovering birds of prey test their wings


(Story and photos by Sharon Goff)

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