Lakeside Nature Center


American Kestrel

(Falco sparverius)

Arrived at Lakeside Nature Center on May 30, 2018.

This American Kestrel was found on the ground by a member of the public. 

It was very young and was still considered a nestling and should have been in a nest with the parents. 

It is always a first goal by Lakeside staff to return nestlings to the parent nest or a substitute nest when possible.  Because no nest or parents were found, and because the public had kept her for about a week at such a young age, she was imprinted and the center determined it was best to keep the bird.  Often times young are placed together or with other education kestrels in preparation for release.  At that time the center did not have any other kestrel babies for joint rearing so staff placed her with Cisco, the education male. 

It is presumed that Cheetoh is a female based on her feather coloration.

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