Lakeside Nature Center


Peregrine Falcon

(Falco peregrinus)

Arrived at Lakeside Nature Center on May 22, 2012.

A member of the public found this falcon injured in a field in Gilman City, MO.  

Part of his right wing had been severed and, after careful examination, we determined it was necessary to amputate the affected area up to his wrist.  With the high speeds attained by these amazing falcons in flight, this type of injury is not uncommon and occurs when the bird flies too close and clips an obstacle. 

This bird's calm demeanor made him a perfect candidate to become Lakeside's first educational Peregrine Falcon.  Since these falcons roost primarily on flat, hard surfaces (such as high-rise rooftops), he struggled at first with foot issues until staff successfully designed correct perching options.

Zorro, a member of the Tundra subspecies, is presumed a male because of his smaller size.

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