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The best part about being a volunteer rehabilitator with Friends of Lakeside Nature Center is the opportunity to work closely with the native animals of Missouri. 

One of the hardest parts about being a rehabilitator is letting the babies go when they are old enough.  FOLNC volunteers are talented photographers and keep the memories of the babies they have raised and released.

Remember, wild animals don't make good pets.

  • Wild animals, if they are to survive in captivity, often require highly specialized care.  Without such care, they will remain n poor health and may eventually die.

  • As wild animals mature, they can become dangerous to handle and damaging to property.

  • Animals are better off in their natural habitat where they are free to reproduce and carry on their lives.

  • If a wild animal is broken to captivity, it will probably die if returned to the wild.

  • Many wild animals are nocturnal.  This means that they are not active until after dark.  They sleep during the day and can be quite disturbing at night while people sleep.

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