Lakeside Nature Center

One of the long-standing education programs presented by FOLNC is Mother Nature Reads.  Each Saturday morning at ten, children of all ages join Mother Nature's representative in the Nature Center's library area.  They hear a story, learn 'cool facts' about the animal of the month and make something to take home.  Sometimes the animal of the month is a resident of the center and is used in a short interpretative program.  Other times, the kids see and handle feathers, wings, egg replicas, track casts, scat replicas and furs.

Not only is the story keyed to the animal of the month, the craft is s well.  At a recent Mother Nature Reads session, twelve children and their parents made turkey calls from kite string, a paper cut and a paper clip.

To make your own turkey call:
1. Punch a hole in the bottom of the cup
2. Thread a 24" piece of kite string from the outside to the inside of the cup
3. Tie a paper clip to the end of the string inside the cup
4. Wet the string and run your fingers along the wet string.


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