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Lakeside Nature Center provides many opportunities for Boy Scout and Girl Scout Adventures and Badges. Opportunities last approximately 1 ½ hours and take place at the Nature Center. For more information or to book your program fill out our Program Information Form or call (816) 513-8960.

Costs are based on group numbers

1-10 people: $60
11-20 people: $120

Payment may be made in the form of cash, check, money order, electronic credit or debit. Payment does not need to be made prior to program. All programs must be booked in advance, no deposit is required. In the event of cancellation, advanced notice is appreciated.

Adventures and Badges Offered

Boy Scout Adventures

TigerMy Tiger Jungle Adventure
Tigers in the Wild Adventure
WolfDigging in the Past Adventure
Call of the Wild Adventure
 Paws-on-the-Path Adventure
BearA Bear Goes Fishing Adventure
Critter Care Adventure
 Fur, Feathers and Ferns Adventure
WebeloEarth Rocks Adventure
 Into the Wild Adventure
 Into the Woods Adventure
 Webelos Walkabout Adventure

Girls Scout Badges

DaisyDesign with Nature
Eco Learner
 Numbers in Nature
 Shapes in Nature
 Trail Adventure
Design with Nature
 Number in Nature
 Shapes in Nature
JuniorAnimal Habitats
Design with Nature
 Number in Nature
 Shapes in Nature
CadetteEco Trekker
SeniorEco Explorer
 Voice for Animals

Community Service

Scouts can also earn credits for community service projects at Lakeside Nature Center. Many troops come out and assist with trash removal around the center and our Fox Hollow Trail. For more information fill out our Program Information Form or call (816) 513-8960.