Friends of Lakeside Nature Center

Earth Day. Photo © Aaron Bono

Volunteer Kimberly at Garden Work Day. Photo © Susie Harris

Run for Raptors Fundraiser. Photo © Susie Harris

Friends of Lakeside Nature Center (FOLNC) was founded in 1983 as a support group for Kansas City Parks’ Lakeside Nature Center. A recognized 501(c)(3), FOLNC has over 100 active volunteers. FOLNC focuses on Environmental Education and Conservation Awareness of native plants and animals and their habitats. Members participate in regular education events at the Center and through off-site outreach.  The Conservation team assists with habitat restoration, development and support of Pollinator Gardens at the Center, and eradication of Bush Honeysuckle. Wildlife rehabilitation is a key component of the Nature Center’s mission and members can train to assist with animal care with both wildlife in need and the Center’s Animal Ambassadors.

Requirements of Active Service Members

  • Minimum age requirement for FOLNC volunteers is eighteen (18).
  • Pay annual fee that is due in January of each year.
  • Sign Liability Disclaimer and abide by the City of KCMO and FOLNC Codes of Ethics.
  • Participate in associated Orientation and Training Classes.
  • Shall complete an annual minimum of thirty (30) hours of service for Lakeside Nature Center.

Benefits of Active Service Members

  • Receive the Friend’s of Lakeside Nature Center’s quarterly publication Nature’s Window.
  • Receive the electronic Volunteer Update newsletter.
  • Eligible to vote.
  • Eligible to hold office of the FOLNC Board of Directors
  • Eligible to serve on a Standing Committee of FOLNC
  • Eligible to become a Mentor by experience in one or more areas of interest as determined by the FOLNC Board of Directors and/or Staff of Lakeside Nature Center.

Earth Day. Photo © Susie Harris

Turtle Ladies. Photo © Susie Harris

Volunteer assisting Staff Naturalist. Photo © John Whiteman

Membership Dues

Renewing Individual: $30

Renewing Senior (age 55 and older): $20

New Member Dues: $50*

*This is a one-time fee that includes materials for new member training. Before paying these dues, complete the New Member Application below and wait to receive confirmation from a member of the Membership Committee to confirm your spot in a training class. Classes are only held 3-4 times per year.

New Member Application

Pay Membership Dues

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Learn more about volunteering with Friends of Lakeside Nature Center

Call the Nature Center at (816) 513-8960,

Board Members and Committees

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