Cody, Coyote


‘Cody’, the resident male coyote at Lakeside Nature Center, came to the center because of unfortunate circumstances.

In 2012, he was found as an eyes-closed pup in a den, and was kept as a pet for the first 8 months of his life. Because he was so young, he became imprinted on humans. Additionally, he was raised around dogs and did not have a natural fear of being around them. Not only is it illegal to have a coyote as a pet, but the ‘finder’ also had concerns about him becoming dangerous as he matured. Cody was confiscated by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and transferred to a local wildlife rehabilitator with the intent of preparing him for release back to the wild. Unfortunately, because of his imprinting on people, they were not able to ‘wild him up’ enough to feel confident that he would stay away from people and pets.
In 2013, permission was granted by MDC for Lakeside Nature Center to provide a permanent home for him. It was with the financial assistance of Friends of Lakeside Nature Center, KC Parks & Rec, and private donations that Cody was given a second chance to live a long, fulfilled life. 

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