Wildlife in the Home

Evict Wildlife from Your Home

Raccoon. Photo © Missouri Dept. of Conservation

The information below is an excert from a document found on the Operation Wildlife website who has graciously agreed to share content with us.

If you have animals in your attic, 99% of the time the animal is a mother, preparing to give birth or already nursing her young. Most mothers choose a spot to rear young during January through May and give birth 30-60 days later. Average litter sizes are 3-6. Most babies are orn completely helpless, eyes still shut, barely fuzzy, and unable to maintain their own body temperature. Mom can stay with them up to 23 hours per day during the first week.

If you hear or suspect something living in the attic, AND it is not the dead of winter, please assume that there are babies present. The number one mistake that people make when trying to evict animals is trapping the mother and ‘relocating’ or ‘removing’ her only to find babies a few days later. If you set a trap in your attic and catch anything – please check everywhere in the attic for babies before releasing the trapped animal.

Why attempt to evict animals from your attic yourself?

See the full document at Operation Wildlife.

Steps to Evict Animals from your Attic:

See the full document at Operation Wildlife.

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